Allison Boats

Bass Boats
Allison invented the high performance bass boat. In fact, other boat manufacturers have followed or copied “Allison’s pioneering technologies” as proof of their industry-leading ingenuity. But now it is time for YOU to experience the “Allison Advantage”. Allison combines unequalled comfort with quality, super-strong construction. Yes, you can have it all: the fastest, smoothest, most durable, and most efficient bass boat available today.

Sport Boats
Over fifty years of racing, research, and testing has made Allison the ultimate Sport Boat. Allison’s original deep V, pad hull design, provides true race boat performance, but it also gives you a smooth, big-boat ride. With seating for up to five, some may think its a family runabout, but this is your Corvette for the water. Every Allison Sport Boat is built to deliver ultra performance, ultra fuel efficiency, and yes . . . ultra adrenalin rush.

Racing Boats
In the 1950′s, Allison Boats found its beginning when Paul Allison out-ran every boat in his class. Allison Boats today still follows that same tradition by continuing to win more races and by holding more world speed records than all its competitors combined! Constant research & development of performance hulls keep Allison Boats in the winner’s circle. But you don’t have to be a professional racer to appreciate the performance of an Allison Race Boat.

Sport Utility Boats
Think of it as an S.U.V. on the water. With seating for five and storage lockers for almost anything conceivable in a boat. This boat will fish, it will ski, it will tow, it will cruise, and yes, it will “H A U L”.