Bass Boats: Performance Bass Boat Models

At Allison, we build high performance, world record holding boats with features that will make your fishing experience more enjoyable. They are the fastest and most versatile bass boats you will find. With years of experience in engineering and design, the only thing you’ll have to worry over is the weather.
Allison XB-21 Models
The XB-2002 is not your typical 20 foot bass boat; it is the fastest production bass boat in history. In fact, it has set more speed records in its time than any of its competitors. With the XB 2002 bass boat, fishing is no longer a game of “bait and cast.”

XB-21 ProSport
At Allison, we tirelessly strive to make the world’s best bass boats. This relentless pursuit has resulted in the creation of the XB-21 ProSport, quite possibly the perfect bass fishing boat. No other boat provides the easy handling, smooth ride, speed, and comfort of the XB-21 ProSport.

XB-21 BasSport 2+2
With the best efficiency of any 21 foot bass boat, the new XB-21 BasSport 2+2 will outrun and outdistance all others. Allison boats have always been famous for their rough water capability. The new hull is even smoother riding with more deadrise angle and a longer keel.

XB-21 BasSport Pro
Designed for the professional bass fisherman, the XB-21 BasSport Pro is packed with features and accessories that help you do one thing: FISH. This two-seater has more standard equipment, unique innovations, and conveniences than any other bass boat available.

Allison’s newest bass boat model, the XB-21 XST is sure to be a big hit with die hard fishermen. It is packed to the gills with the latest design enhancements and hi-tech features that set Allison apart from the rest.


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