New Console for the XB-2002

Finally!!! Introducing the new 2008 – XB-2002 FasBass.



The best of everything! We combined the aerodynamics of the XB-21 console with the sleek styling of the traditional 2002 console to give you the best of everything. The new console offers more wind protection and better aerodynamics.

In addition, the black-textured instrument panel provides ample space for lots of gauges plus room for an in-dash fish-finder/ GPS. The console pictured actually has nine gauges, including the Stainless Marine racing trim gauge. You may want a Fish-finder/ GPS in the center with a tachometer and other gauges on each side. There are endless possibilities.

Please notice the small, but effective windshield. It is removable in just a few seconds; replaceable in two other sizes, and yet gives more wind protection than you would believe. By the way, its small size and shape also lets the boat go faster while providing more comfort for the driver.

The new rear deck lid is also a low-profile fairing providing aerodynamics for the jack-plate, control cables and hoses, as well as lower parts of the engine cowl. If you will notice, the fairing is further aft with the lid reaching all the way to the transom. This design reduces vacuum behind the transom which means more speed for the boat.

The console and/ or rear lid/ fairing can be retrofitted to any XB-2002.


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