XB-2003 Bass Boat

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Bass & Walleye Magazine March ’98

XB-2003 Bass Boat

The ProSport bass boat is truly in a class by itself with unsurpassed quality and performance, design efficiency, comfort and convenience.

  • Deepest V for the smoothest ride
  • Patented hull designs that can give up to 200% increase in fuel mileage
  • Full wind protection for everyone
  • Seating for up to five people
  • 100% No rot construction
  • Record setting performance

The ProSport features a unique console designed for side or center steering and provides full wind protection for all passengers. Side steering is standard. Center steering on this bass boat is a no cost option. Optional side-slide seat track allows the boat to be driven from the center or side.

The XB-2003 ProSport bass boat comes standard in a single base color gel coat with optional trim color on the hull and deck wings, the console, the front and rear deck steps along with accent pin striping on the sides. The interior colors, seats, carpet, accent striping and trailer all coordinate with the base and trim colors of the boat.

Allison Boats exclusive standard equipment include*:

  • This bass boat features the exclusive Allison Hydraulic steering with aluminum sport steering wheel with single lever-type trim switches.
  • An exclusive “Hot Foot” throttle with top-entry cable for precise control and neat appearance.
  • Top quality reinforced  jack plate with a special black powder coating for a custom look.
  • High-back deep bucket driver seat with a low profile seat adjuster for maximum comfort and control.
  • Locking aluminum seat mounts for front and rear passenger’s comfort and stability.
  • Exclusive aerodynamic console to protect valuable equipment.
  • Center or side steering convertibility.
  • Generous twin aft compartments for dry storage and refreshment coolers.
  • NEW 2-position passenger seat floor base allows 3” adjustment front to rear.


Allison Boats lead the way in the 21st century with high tech, no-rot construction, with an exclusive rot proof unibody consisting of the finest materials available. This bass boat features:

  • High Performance Marine Resin– the ultimate boat resin for unsurpassed quality, strength, finish and durability.
  • Bias-Ply Fiberglass Reinforcement–Special fiberglass reinforcement to give maximum strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Kevlar Reinforcing–Adds extra strength and security creating the ultimate in boat construction.
  • High Density PVC Foam Core–Maximizing strength and stiffness with minimum weight–while adding flotation and eliminating rot.
  • Flotation–All flotation foam is fully encapsulated under the gunnels to seal and protect it while adding to structural rigidity. (NO foam is poured under the floor to avoid absorbing water and adding weight.)
  • Aluminum Reinforced Transom–The absolute strongest transom of any boat with welded in bosses and a super high density PVC core that will not rot. The transom is made with 6 stainless steel studs to mount the jack plate.
  • Advanced Stringer Floor System–Gel coated fiberglass and high density PVC foam in an I-beam sandwich construction. Proven structural integrity and 100% rot free.
  • Unibody Construction–The hull/deck/floor system are completely fiberglass together–inside and out–to provide a single unit of state-of-the-art strength and durability.
  • Rot Free Seating–All upholstery is constructed from only the finest materials for functional beauty and no-rot durability.
  • Completely Hand Built–Using construction techniques more familiar to the aircraft industry, each Allison Boat is not only “hand laid”, but painstakingly “hand made.”


Length Overall:
Centerline Length:
Molded Depth:
Front Casting Deck Area:
Rear Casting Deck Area:
Livewell Capacity:
Dry Storage Volume:
Approximate Weight:
Recommended Horsepower:
25 sq ft
21 sq ft
33 gal
55 cu ft
1040-1080 lbs
90-150 (440 lbs)
The use of an overweight engine on the Allison XB-2003 ProSport could swamp the boat and/or cause severe handling problems at high speeds resulting in an accident with injury or death. DO NOT INSTALL an engine of 3-liters and up, nor any engine weighing more than 440 pounds, regardless of its horsepower. Allison Boats will absolutely NOT be responsible nor support any such activity in any way.


Available Equipment on the Tournament bass boat:

  • Bow panel w/12/24v. trolling motor plug, trim switch, 12V. rec. & deck light
  • 6 gauge instrument panel
  • Deluxe switch panel w/breaker
  • Aluminum deck lids w/gas lift cylinders
  • Lockable latches
  • Recirculator in live well (second system)
  • Courtesy light
  • Tackle box in storage tray
  • Battery box/ oil tank tray
  • Triple tackle box
  • Recessed cleats
  • Lexan Windshield
  • Bass seat w/spider and post
  • Bike seat w/ Power pedestal

Standard equipment subject to change. Check with your dealer to confirm current equipment.



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