Planing Foil: (Cavitation Plate)

Like all planing devices that bolt to the cavitation plate of an outboard engine’s gear case, the Allison Planing Foil will help your boat to come on plane quicker and easier while allowing it to maintain a slower planing speed. But that is where the similarity ends. Unlike all other planing devices, Allison’s patented “forward-swept” trailing edge design does not catch “prop-wash” spray that creates drag and forces the nose of the boat down; thus slowing it down. Why would you buy a planing foil that helps get your boat on plane faster if it slows you down the rest of the way? The Allison planing foil not only allows your boat to go faster once it is on plane, it saves fuel too when compared to any other planing device.

PN-2169 Extension Cavitation Plate

The Allison Planing Foil is available in models to fit most outboard brands and gear case styles. It comes with black powder-coating but is available without the powder-coating for high performance engines with exhaust cut-outs. It also comes with necessary fasteners and spacers.

The “X” dimension of a stern-drive or engine height of an outboard must have the cavitation plate at least 3-4″ above the bottom of the boat.


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