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Patented Retrofit Skid
Planer For XB-2002,
XB-2003, XTB-21,
SS-2000, XR-2002,

This Patented “Skid-planer” is an absolute necessity when you want “blast-off” acceleration when coming on plane. Years of research and hundreds of hours testing have brought you a planing device for your 20′ Allison that will get you on plane twice as quick! Expect to get on plane with as little as ¼ throttle and maintain plane as slow as 15 MPH. You will notice less backwash when coming off plane, and believe it or not, your boat can even take off at full trim “out”. Let the Skid-planer “pay for itself” by saving fuel while reducing wear and tear on your engine. Whether you enjoy drag racing, fishing, or skiing, the Skid-planer will make your 20′ Allison a NEW experience.

Kit includes:
One set brackets & Bolt set
One skid planer
Instructions for installation

Contact Bill in the parts
department at Allison Boats
with your boat model information.
Phone: 865-983-5924
– Purchase one Today

The Skid-planer’s 18½ or 20° brackets are designed to bolt directly to the Allison jack plate utilizing some of its existing bolts. The installation requires drilling of holes to fit each specific boat and jack plate configuration. Modification of the planer, brackets, or additional parts, is sometimes necessary to custom-fit to certain hydraulic jack plate applications. Installation instructions are included. Allison Boats along with most Allison dealers offer custom installations.

Specs & price subject to change.


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