SS-2000 sport boat

Performance Sport Boats

Take the proven performance of an Allison Race Boat, add additional seating and make it ride like a big sport boat. That is exactly what we do to engineer Allison sport boats. Designed and built to last for years of fun on the open water.

SS-2000 SuperSport
SuperSport in super fashion!! The SS-2000 SuperSport is designed to be the most efficient boat in the world. It utilizes the Allison exclusive no-rot unibody composite construction. Independent tests reveal, “an unheard-of fuel mileage.” No boat comes close to the performance of the SS-2000.

XS-2003 GrandSport
Over fifty years of research and testing has developed the ultimate performance sport boat. Allison Boats’ XS-2003 GrandSport delivers ultra performance every time. This boat, which features the Allison original pad v hull design, is fast, fuel efficient, and has room and comfort for five. Completely hand built with space age, high tech materials and techniques, this boat is a package the whole family will enjoy.


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