Why Buy Allison?

Still need convincing that your next boat should be an Allison? The following pages explain the advantages of Allison’s relentless attention to design, manufacturing, and performance.

Allison Advantage
The Allison XB-21 BasSport is the ultimate in performance bass boats. The patented hull design in each XB-21 is the secret to faster speeds, incredible fuel savings, and a more comfortable ride. Only Allison has the more than 50 years of testing and design for the best performing hulls.

Allison Firsts
Allison is the undisputed world leader of pioneering designs, inventions, and performance achievements in the outboard boating industry. There is probably not a single manufacturer or performance boating enthusiast that is not enjoying and taking advantage of at least some of the accomplishments of Allison.

Spirit of Excellence
Each Allison boat is the end product of a unique and uncompromising synthesis of design, materials, and craftsmanship. Our totally new designs are developed to exceed standards of past models. There is the endless process of testing, changing, and retesting.

Engineering and Design
The Allison difference results from a process that starts with totally new designs developed from the imagination of one man. Each element of a new design is first hand formed on a test “plug” that actually resembles a boat. The process of testing, changing, and retesting can involve literally years of research.

Impeccable Quality
The best of design and engineering processes must be teamed with exceptional materials and quality craftsmanship to obtain a uniquely useful, durable, and efficient product. Allison boasts the industries’ first and only welded and laminated Alloy grid transom reinforcement.

Frequently Asked Questions
Some of the most asked questions about what makes Allison Boats so special, proper cleaning of Allison Boats, and how to find the weight of your boat.


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