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About Allison Boats

Allison Boats has a long history of quality, ingenuity and record breaking engineering. Below are a few highlights for your enjoyment.

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Allison Boats "FIRSTS"

 Outboard Pleasure Boat Records

60+ mph record in 1959

70+ mph record in 1962

80+ mph record in 1964

90+ mph record in 1968

100+ mph record (twin) in 1969

110+ mph record in 1975

120+ mph record in 1984

129+ mph record 1987

It all started when some local boaters got together on the weekend and raced each other in their wood or aluminum boats. Paul Allison always wanted to outrun everyone there.

One day someone gave him an old rotten wood boat which he promptly took apart, carefully saving the screws and hardware. After discarding the rotten wood, he began building his own wooden boat using the screws and hardware he had saved. This boat outran any boat he had previously raced!

The year was 1955.

With a taste of success he wanted to try and make the boat run even faster. He built another boat with a hull utilizing more of his own ideas and it outran the last one he had built. His friends began to ask him to build a boat for them since his was faster than anyone else’s.

After being seriously injured from a gunshot wound on a hunting trip and spending several months in recovery, he decided to leave the auto body business and build boats, since there was a demand for a wood boat that would outrun other boats.

In 1959 Paul built his last wood boat, but not without being the first to break 60 mph in a production pleasure boat, setting a straightaway speed record of 61.8 mph with a stock 80 hp!

In 1960 fiberglass became available for boat building and he built his first 14′ fiberglass boat (pictured above).

In the 1950′s, Paul Allison invented:

  • the “cupped propeller”
  • the hydraulic power trim

In the 1960′s, Paul Allison invented:

  • the first v-bottom boat with pad

In the 1970′s, Paul Allison invented:

  • the wing stabilizer for boats
  • front foil on tunnel boats
  • cupped skeg on engine lower unit

Allison Boats has won more races and set more speed records than all other current manufacturers combined. Hundreds of straightaway and track records and thousands of races won (circle, drag and marathon).

Bass Boats "FIRSTS"

1962 - Darris took a mold his Dad had discarded and built a 13′ fishing boat. He later added a 14′ and 16′ model which he built up until 1969

1962 - 1st pedestal seat for bass boat

1970 - Darris built the first deep V pad bass boat an experimental 15′ tunnel a walk-thru windshield V bottom ski boat

1971 - The walk-thru windshield boat was built with stern drive engines

1972 - First tri-hull V-bottom 15′ became the most popular and most copied in the world

1973 - First tri-hull V-bottom 17′

1974 - First pod tunnel which later became a mod VP style racing boat. This boat set a speed record of 73 mph with an 80 hp motor in 1974

1975 - Received first patent on outboard hull design

1975 - 1st V hull bass boat to break 100 mph with a single engine (two way average speed)

1970′s - 1st set back jack plate

1970 - 1st all molded interior V-bottom pad bass boat

1972 - 1st offset transom

1972 - 1st in designing the modern layout for bass boats

1972 - 1st transducer box for depth finders

1972 - 1st center mounted remote Control livewell

1975 - 1st single engine outboard to break 100 mph pleasure boat

1985 - 1st no rot construction in hull

1986 - 1st flippin deck bass boat

1986-87 - 1st steel reinforced no rot transom

mid-80′s - 1st power trim in wheel w/concealed wiring

mid-90′s - 1st side slide seat adjustment for driver

1994 - 1st top cable foot throttle